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  • 17 February 2020
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Richard Long å 9 Summary

Read & Download ´ Richard Long : Walking the line Re taken by the artist himself and he has also included his own notes and writings If walking has become Long s trademark the path is perhaps the central image or archetype in his work To walk a line is the easiest thing a human being can do to put a mark on a place The idea of the path or way has meaning in all cultures from the most material to the most spiritual It is both real and symbolic whether it be the Christian s pilgrimage the Taoist s Great Way or the Zen Buddhist s Heavenly W.

Summary Richard Long : Walking the lineRichard Long : Walking the line

Read & Download ´ Richard Long : Walking the line This new volume about and by the British sculptor and land artist Richard Long is centred mainly on his work from the last dozen years though it also contains some earlier pieces Long s ability to turn any given space indoors or not into a work of art is unrivalled and this new journey takes the reader around the world to the Sahara Desert and down the Rio Grande from coast to coast in France and Spain to Bolivia and Peru and to the peaks of Honshu in Japan Some of the sculptor s oeuvre i.

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Read & Download ´ Richard Long : Walking the line S created during his walks through the world s landscapes while other works bring the materials of nature stones boulders branches twigs and mud into a domestic or sheltered environment museums galleries houses gardens These sculptures feed the senses whereas the artist s walks feed the imagination Majestic museum sculptures made from tons of rock are juxtaposed with dramatic mud paintings and with photographs recording ephemeral changes to the natural landscape Many of the photographs we.