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  • Anger Management For Dummies
  • Charles H Elliott
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  • 07 December 2018
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Read Anger Management For Dummies Anger Management For Dummies Free read ✓ 104 Your one stop guide to anger management Anger is a completely normal healthy human emotion But when it gets out of control and turns destructive it can lead to problemsat work in personal relationships and in the overall uality of life Anger Management For Dummies provides trusted and authoritative information on anger management methods skills and exercises that will help you or a loved one identify sources of anger and release them healthily Ang. Really like this book gets to work straight away and makes me feel normal for having anger issues which does make it easier to confrontHowever on page two the authors state that they have four goals in mind Goal one To convince the reader that anger is than just a four letter word DONE I was immediately convinced anger has five letters I assumed at this point that I was completely cured of my anger issues my husband will be very happy he thought it was gonna take agesSeriously however if the authors would like some constructive feedback I do like this book good buy thanks guys and I find the finger method helps when it comes to numbers up to ten I write the numbers on my fingers for reference then by the same method I can also count to twenty in the summer so long as I wear flip flops

Read Anger Management For Dummies

Anger Management For Dummies

Read Anger Management For Dummies Anger Management For Dummies Free read ✓ 104 Res new and updated coverage on road rage air rage office rage and dealing with angry children Introduces you to new cognitive strategies for changing angry thinking Explains the difference between anger and aggression Shows you how to effectively and safely deescalate difficult people and situations With the tools tips and strategies provided in this hands on guide youll find everything you need to overcome anger and live a happierproductive life. This booked saved my wife leaving me I read it and also had therapy It helped me so muchI highly recommend it

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Read Anger Management For Dummies Anger Management For Dummies Free read ✓ 104 Er has become one of the most intimate issues in todays world as life in general has become increasingly stressful Anger Management For Dummies shows you how anger is often a bi product of otherprimitive emotions such as fear depression anxiety and stress and arms you with the strategies that can help you conuer them Inside youll discover how to overcome obstacles to change rethink rage confront anger head on with healthier responses and muchFeatu. Havent read it yet but like all dummies guides its filled with no big words and plenty of useful information